Sunday Service-Grafton Presbyterian Church

Our Sunday Service

9:30am Start
Once you are warmly welcomed and seated. 

What happens at our Sunday meeting?



(Songs from different eras)

A Kids Talk
Children have a special part in our meeting, where children learn more about Jesus, in a format tailored specifically to their interests and relevant to them.  

Then with their parents or guardians permission children go off to 

"Kids Church"


Kids Church is for children age 3-12. 

The purpose of Kids Church is to give children a fun, friendly, interesting and creative experience of church tailored to their level. 

To enable that to happen, there will be prayer, singing, bible teaching and fellowship in a safe and orderly environment

 Info on -
Child Protection Policy

NB. There is no Kids Church during school holidays.  


As a church we corporately pray to our Lord and God for a range of issues and concerns, from the local to the global.  We thank and praise Him for the many blessings He has bestowed on us.


While the children are off learning about Jesus and having a great time, the rest of the church is doing the same!


More Singing and Praising God!

Bible Reading 
A passage from the Bible is read, 
directly relating to the message that follows.  

A short, sermon (generally no longer than 20-25 minutes), 
These are designed to be interesting, thought-provoking, challenging and based wholly on the Living Word of God, the Bible.


Morning Tea

Following the meeting, the children rejoin the rest of the church for a wonderful time of fellowship and friendship, over a cuppa and something to eat. 
It is a fantastic casual atmosphere, where people catch up on news and get to know each other better…

What do you wear?
You will see people with a wide range of clothes, 
from trousers and shirts, to shorts and t-shirts. Some ladies wear dresses others wear jeans. Some people wear modern clothes others don't. 

Please, just wear something you feel comfortable in.  


We would love to see you in church!
Pastor Michael Eleveld


Our Vision

Growing a Christ Centred Community