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Grafton Presbyterian Church-Home-Grafton Presbyterian Church

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Welcome to our Church website!

If you are new to Grafton, a local or just passing through our beautiful city, you are more than welcome to join us for our  Sunday Service.

Sunday Service
Time: 9:30am

Venue: 116 Oliver St, Grafton.


Phone:  (02) 66422463         

Postal: PO Box  751 Grafton, NSW, 2460.

Good Friday Service 8:30am
   Christmas Day Service 8:30am

We are a Bible teaching church, that is made up of a range of people who are both young and old, mature in the faith and young in the faith.
We all come from different backgrounds, careers, various financial positions and we represent a wide range of interests and gifts. 

However, we are all linked through the person of Jesus Christ and desire to be a loving community who pastorally care for one another as we obediently and wholeheartedly serve and worship our glorious Lord Jesus Christ.


Our Vision

Growing a Christ Centred Community